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I'm new to this Forum and I have been thinking about building a CNC router for some time now. I am at the point of deciding just how I want to build this and what types of materials I want to use. I really wanted to have a useable work space of about 24" x 48". Really anything close to that is fine. I realize that the construction will determine the actual length of the ball screws but is there a reasonable way to consider what lengths I will need to get this useable work space?
David H
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Welcome to the forum, David! When you get a minute complete your profile with first name and location. That'll clear the N/a in the left panel and your location helps us to help you.

I went with a 2x4 frame from Fine Line Automation and sourced the rest of it myself. Here's the build if you want to see what we did - 2nd Build First.

Some early questions - What will you be cutting? What's your budget? Do you have 220v available?

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Welcome to the forum David . David (the poster below you ) is a plethora of information,and has one the size your looking at building
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Welcome to the forum, David.
Welcome to the forum David.
Welcome to the Router Forums David. You really need to decide the working size you want and then base screw sizes base on that working footprint. Of course, the screws will be longer depending on which axis you are building but you can make sure you get what you want in you CNC.

I think the important thing to remember is don't limit yourself in size because you can get frustrated with a machine that is too small and then you will want that bigger machine. Another thing to remember most of the small entry CNC machines and DIY CNC machines have little or no resale value so it could be wasted money if you don't build the machine you really want.
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The question you should ask is how much work do you want to do, and how much are you willing to spend. Digital Machinist magazine ran a series of articles from 2015 to 2016 on building a cnc router. They were titled "Building Gizmo: A 3-Axis CNC Router" by Dennis Howe. You could contact them and see if they have re-prints or back issues (Digital Machinist Home). Also might have build information that you could use. In any case, good luck and have fun.

Tom B
Salem, MI
Welcome David. has a wealth of information on building his kit. That will lead you to making size decisions or how to build and re-purpose your size to another. You will have to dig to find what you want but it's all there.
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