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Holy Cow! You NEED this!

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For those of you who want to experiment with CNC routing of portraits and such, I MUST pass this along.

I dropped in on a new friend. Dave lives in Tennessee, and he uses a PlasmaCam CNC table to make metal art. But that is NOT what this is about.

I was looking for a GOOD program to convert a photograph into a file that I could either cut out or ROUTE OUT, and Dave pointed me to the absolute best one out there.

Bonus ... the program is FREE! Or you can pay $2.99 for the ability to download the images into a format for your use on another machine.

It will only run on the IOS platform right now (Mac) but it will work on an iPad or an iPhone. You can use the Apple pen to draw and edit the images, but wait until you give this a try!

The APP is called IMAENGINE VECTOR Check it out!

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IMAENGINE VECTOR, is also available for Android and Windows.
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