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Home depot Rigid shop vac

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Now through Friday Home depot has their Rigid 12 gallon 5 hp shop vac on sale $27. I couldn't pass it up!!
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Thanks arkwood :)

For that kind of price someone could buy one for each tool they have in the shop :)
That would take care of draging the vac.hose from tool to tool or a big vac.system.
Normal Price ▼ $70.oo bucks

Bj :)

And I was just at HD last night I guess I will stop by tonight and get one or two for some Xmax gifts.,,,,that's a great price. :)

You must be one of the lucky ones arkwood, I just made a called to HD and it's one of the BLACK Fri. items that will be on sale Fri. only but not until then .
Note *** I did ask how many they have on hand for the sale and he said each store has 10ea.
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