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That's a sharp looking door. I like the design.

I was looking to purchase a wood screen door a couple years back, and other than one place in Ohio it seems most were made in China and poor quality.

A neighbor's cat kept scratching through her screens.
I found a "pet-proof" screen, repaired and repainted her porch, and installed the new 7 x's as strong screen.

Of course any determined animal could eventually claw through anything.
The best part was doing research and finding out that the herb Rosemary can act as an anti-catnip.

I brought sprigs of rosemary over from our garden and placed them in the corner where the cat usually clawed through the screening.
When the time came the door was opened, and the cat was allowed back on the porch. She ran to her favorite 'corner' and as she neared it recoiled and slunk back from the smell of the rosemary. It has held up for four years so far.

It is available online and at the local big box stores.
You can find info about it here:

PetScreen® Pet Resistant Screen ? Phifer
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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