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think this fits the bill...

Snowshoe said:
Anyone have a homemade router fence that has an easy to adjust depth-of-cut feature? Not in a position to 'buy' a router fence, but I do have a sheet of 1/2" Baltic Birch just waiting to be used up in jigs/fences, etc.

I'm starting my woodworking learning curve on picture frames, and the constant 'bump and hope' method of my current rip fence mounted router fence is really not a good/accurate way to go as far as I can tell.

I built a fence using Baltic birch plywood. It consists of a fence "face" being dadoed to a base, and a base below it which "slides" on the upper portion, riding in two UHMW strips. A threaded rod with a knob on it connects the upper base to the lower, and a locking knob keeps the two from moving. To adjust, simply undo the locking knob, and turn the adjuster until the desired movement is achieved. You could even go to extremes, and build in a vernier gauge to get ultra accurate adjustments.
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