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Homemade fence

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Has anyone made a Steve Ramsey style fence? I'm sure he got the idea from somewhere else, but saw it on his YouTube channel. I'm looking to use it for jointing also so would need the adjustable faces.. any easy and free plans out there?
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I don't know what Steve's look like but there are pictures of one in my uploads that I build and it only needs to cost a few dollars for the knobs and bolts. The bolts are just hardware store carriage bolts in 1/4" size (or whatever fits the knobs you get). I don't remember which page in my uploads, at least 4 or 5 back, maybe more. To the right of the pictures in the uploads is the thread link to where they were posted.
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My first router table, over 30 years ago now, was a piece of plywood with a top layer of 1/4" tempered Masonite. The bottom of the plywood had a recess cut into it for the router base, done so I wouldn't lose too much cut depth. The fence was a squared up piece of 2 x 4 with a semi-circular cutout in the center to provide clearance for the bit. When I needed a fence for jointing, I made a second fence identical to that except I glued a piece of vertical grade laminate (.020" thick) to the outfeed fence. To be honest, it was much easier, and quicker, than the 2-piece fence I have now where you have to loosen the bolts and shim behind the facing. Sometimes simpler is better.
I made a jointing fence from a single piece of MDF. I just used a rabbeting bit to cut a 1/16" rabbet on the infeed side of the fence. To use just align a straight bit with the outfeed side of the fence.
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