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homemade router table

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I am going to be converting a heavy duty wood desk into a large router table. Probably 3'x5' overall. I am looking for any suggestions. Some questions I have are; should I install a track in front for a miter? I plan on building a fence, what features should I incorporate into it? If I build my own plate insert is there anything I should consider? Any input is appreciated.
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Hi snoboy152

This is one of the times a picture or two would help with your question some can be reworked and some should not be. :)
A picture of the under side would be the best and what it"s made of.

Bj :)
Bob and Rick do not use a miter slot, but I prefer having one to hold finger boards and to guide sleds. Read the many posts on fences and you will have more ideas than you ever wanted. You are better off buying a mounting plate with removeable inserts like the Rousseau plate. These hold guide bushings, come out to allow the use of larger bits and are guaranteed not to sag. There are many brands to choose from and they all have good ideas. The Router Workshop plate is the only one that accepts 1-1/2" guide bushings, a real advantage if you want to do serious work with templates. Do not bother building a mounting plate from clear plastic, almost all varieties sag when used with a larger router.
3'x5' is awful big.. You sure you need it that size?
3 x 5 foot is pretty good sized, if that is a very sturdy piece maybe you want to think about a dual router set up with it that big. That would be sweet!

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