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Dan said:
I see there are a bunch of newbies on the forum so one more won't hurt.
I bought a PC router combo 893PK 2 1/4hp. When using it the motor seemed to get hot. Am I cutting too much wood or is there a problem with the router?
A router will get hot just running without even cutting wood..... now how hot are we talking? If you burned yourself touching it then something is wrong. If it was hot but like you can keep your hand on it for a minute or so then it might be normal.

Normally you're better off taking several smaller cuts rather then one full depth one. Like if you were going to do a 3/4" deep cut you might make 3 passes to get to the full depth.

The only other things that come to mind that can cause things to heat up to much is a dull cutter, of course you should notice that very quickly as it will mostly be burning the wood too. The other is blockage of the fan vents on the router.....

Glad to see your post and welcome to the forum!

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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