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If you're a company and you would like to have your own vendor account so you can post offers, news, and product related information in our Vendor Announcement forum, you can put in a request for a Vendor account.

What is a Vendor account?

A vendor account is a account which is for companies. All vendor accounts are verified that they are the vendor they're representing.

Why would I want my company to have a Vendor account?

There are many reasons to join the vendor program.

  • You can advertise your specials, sales, product information in the Vendor announcement forum.
  • You can help community members by answering questions and providing solutions which will help build customer relationships with your company.
  • You can advertise in your forum signature with information related to your company.
  • You get exposure on one of the best woodworking and routing communities on the internet.

How much does it cost?

In order to qualify, you must have an active Advertisement with, more information on other advertisement opportunities are listed here:

How do I request a Vendor account?

Very simple, register for a account by visiting:

Make sure you register with your company name as the username, for example.

Company: Handi Tools
Username: Handi Tools

This helps users associate your company with your account, this is a requirement. If you already have an account on the community and your username isn't matching your company, you may request a username change, please send me a private message.

*** You must use an email address that is from your company website. For example: - [email protected] - This is part of the verification process and is a REQUIREMENT ***

Once you have registered your account you can visit our contact us page:

Select "Vendor Request", then input some information about your company, and what your company URL (website address) is. We'll change your account over into the new group and you'll be able to post around the community!

If you have any questions, you can use the contact form, or you can send me a private message.


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Not open for further replies.