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Hi Guys I have just signed up to this forum as could do with some advice on using a router for a specific job.

I am trying to make some clocks from Whisky barrel staves and cut out an insert to put in some Harris Tweed. I have included a couple of photos so you can see what I mean. This is one I had previously made but it took me ages to do as had the router sitting on 2 pieces of wood with the stave clamped in between. However this was not very sturdy and had to have a very sturdy hand!

I had bought myself a Trend surfacing jig as I thought that I could use that as it would be easier to see and keep things nice and straight due to being on rails. Yesterday I set up the Surfacing Jig and put the stave onto the wood, I then got some offcuts of wood screwed down to hold the stave in place. I then got my router set up and low and behold there was not enough plunge to reach, not even close to reaching the stave! I have a Bosch POF 1200AE which is a 1/4 collet.

I do think that perhaps I need to get a 1/2 router as the Bosch is perhaps not up to the job?

If so does anyone have advice on a good upgrade? I was looking at the Dewalt DW625KT or Trend T7. Or possibly Trend T10. Any advice on this front would be great. I do believe it would have to put a router with a good plunge so I think the T7 would be ruled out as thats only 50mm plunge? Or do you get a long router bit?

Also if anyone has any good advice on how to cut out the back for where the clock mechanism goes that would be great and save me pulling out all my hair! Is there a jig that can be made, bearing in mind the staves are slight curved so would be difficult to clamp something to it?

The worst thing with the whisky staves are that they are all slightly different in sizes so can be a pain to work with!
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Thanks in advance if you are able to provide some advice to help.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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