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A couple of things. Any vac will have plenty of suction, you just have to direct it to where it will pick up chips. A shoe like was shown above helps a lot. One of the first projects I did when I got my little CNC machine going was to make a dust shoe. It's a fun project and is very practical. See the photo of mine below. If you have something like a crevice tool for your vac you can just follow the router bit with it and get most of the benefit.

But, I feel remiss to not say this: the machine you are considering is very small. My CBeam CNC machine has a working footprint of about 300mm X 300mm and I find it quite limiting. Not just because I want to make bigger parts but when you add hold-downs you often loose space. Also, I seriously doubt that machine will handle aluminum. It makes my machine look positively beefy and I can't use a depth of cut in AL more than 1/4 mm. Lots of passes! Even then the machine flexes too much. Note in the description it says "soft aluminum" - it's clear they know it really isn't a metal machine. It will probably be ok for wood and plastic but you will need to make pretty shallow cuts. I understand your situation but, honestly, you might be better off waiting to get more money to buy a better machine. Or maybe get a parental or grandparental person excited about the possibilities and help fund more machine. Definitely stretch as far as you can.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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