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How to create a file for CNC N1325 Router from China issues opening file to router controller

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Hi I hope someone can help me I am new to the CNC Router and I am having issues in saving a file so I can run it and open it up on the DSP Controller. the software that cme with the router is Ucancam Software. PLEASE HELP
Thank you in advance
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Welcome to the forum! I'm not familiar with that software but hopefully someone will come along to assist. It's the weekend so it may take a little while before folks chime in but check back often.
Welcome to the forum.
G'day @vero_g , welcome to the forum.
You have to generate GCode from your file. The design software is one thing, and the GCode is what the machine needs to tell which motors to do what. Ucancam Software Technology Co.,Ltd. - Ucancam Software Technology Co.,Ltd.
Their site has a lot of tutorials, so I'd suggest you start there.
I would suggest searching the web and downloading a paper with all of the common Gcodes and their meanings. Next I would start up your software and draw a simple square box(depth not to exceed 0.25 inches) and save the code as a Gcode file. Next download CAMotics Camotics and learn how to use it. Open your square file in Camotics and do a test run simulation. Continue practicing with your software and camotics till you feel confident in what your doing. Next take your square file and try and cut it on your machine. Set a very slow .cut rate and plunge rate. You should be able to go to the file menu and either save a Gcode file or export a Gcode file. Good Luck and welcome
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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