Keeping your home secure and well-insulated is important, and your garage door does both. So when your garage door is damaged, it's a priority to get it repaired. But having a professional come out can cost you hundreds of dollars. What if you were to just fix the door yourself?

You can do this — and it's not that difficult so long as you have a little knowledge and the right tools. In this article, we'll take a look at exactly how you can replace or repair a door that has sustained minor damage such as a hole or rot.

Assess the Damage

Wood garage doors can make beautiful additions to the front of your home, but over time, they can also sustain damage from a variety of sources. Before you can attempt to repair your home's garage door, you need to determine whether any damage it has sustained is repairable.

Over time, wood garage doors can bend and warp as well as experience several other annoying problems related to their hardware and functionality. If you're experiencing this in a door that you've had for some time, there's little you can do apart from removing the warped piece and replacing it with a new one.

If the damage affects a large portion of the door, you might want to simply invest in a new garage door. This could net you important new features like energy-efficient insulation or remote activation with a smartphone app.

Repair Minor Damage

If there are areas of the door that have cosmetic damage or holes, you can patch these similarly to the way that you would fix a piece of Sheetrock. In fact, if you've got some Bond-O laying around from your past life repairing classic cars, you can actually use the stuff to fix dents in wooden doors. You'll want to paint over the dried filler to retain the cosmetics of your door, but the filler will do the job.

Begin by sanding down the affected area. This will give your filler something to bond to, since it doesn't adhere well to paint. Prepare your filler, which doesn't have to be Bond-O , and then apply it. Use a putty knife to smooth out the new patch. When the filler is level with the existing wood material, allow the filler to dry.

Once dry, you can sand the finished product down and make it ready to paint.

Paint and Clear Coat

You'll probably need to-repaint more than just the affected area to get the blending right, and it might take some time in the sun for the new paint to look completely uniform. Apply several layers of paint and then refinish the new paint using clear coat if the rest of the garage door features it as well.

That's about it! once you've applied two or three layers of clear coat, you should have a good-looking fix.

Remember to Care for Your Door

A well-cared-for wooden garage door can last as long as you live in a home, so there's definite value in repairing rather than replacing it. After reading this article, we hope that you realize just how simple that can be if the damage is minor enough.

Pat yourself on the back for completing a home DIY project and saving a few dollars in the process!

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter  @SMHuntington