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How to make a scooped out dish like this?

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I am trying to learn how to make something like this. I have to imagine that there is some technique to make this using a router. I know ow to make serving dishes using a template and bowl bit...but I can not figure out how to make something closer to this.

Is there any way to make something like this without doing the carving by hand? Thanks for the help.
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I have seen curved ski jigs for scooping seats, you could modify that for a bowl, but it would be tough for anything small.

Izzy has some wild ideas, try at your own risk!

You don't show a picture so I am just guessing at what you want. Here is a video that might answer your question.

Lets Try this again! Apparently I forgot to attach the pictures of what I was talking about!


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Curved skis will do that. Use a larger core box bit.

With a big enough core box bit you can route it like you would for a serving tray.
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I agree if you use skis and use stops for the router plus the big core box bit I think it would work. It would be like the the first CNC. Well maybe not. :laugh2:
You might want to look at WOODSMITH magazine, issue #229, pages 18-23: "Make a bowel with a router curving jig".
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