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Today, Bob Rosendahl shows us how to create a base for a table or chair. This technique, once learned, can be applied to many other projects as well. If you get this down, you can have fun making a wide variety of tables, chairs and raised shelves or boxes.

Set Up

This technique will use the ½”, 14 degree dovetail bit. You will need a different type of brass insert that has a 1” guide at the top, so insert this in the hole around the bit. As you will notice, it will come up centered automatically. Next, you will use a different type of fence with this project, called a Miter gauge. The nice thing about this fence is that it has a long slot that goes along the bit, and it can slide around the router table and still make a straight cut. Bob told of one guy who is blind and makes wood projects for money using this guide, so it is a nice tool to use. Set the height of your bit—higher makes a tighter fit and lower makes a looser fit. Always test your spacing and height with a scrap piece. Run it through to make a groove on one side.

Another tool that you can use with this is a 45-degree angled plastic shelf-like piece with a space to clamp wood to. Clamp your scrap piece to the tool and run through on the first side and then reverse and run through again. Test the dovetail joint in the other piece with the groove. It should fit together…now you are ready to start.

Step One

When making a table base, you will have two pieces cut at an angle with a groove cut the width of the table leg over from the end. The center piece will be as long as two table leg widths. Each piece will be cut at an angle before you run it through the router. Use your 45-degree angle tool and clamp the center piece on, with the foot of the piece facing out and flat against the table. Move it back and cut off the edge to make the first half of the dovetail joint. Go forward and cut on the other side to finish the joint. Repeat on the other side.

Step Two

This process will be repeated to create the other sides of the base. Then put the pieces together and set aside. Drill a hole in each of the table legs for the wing nut to go, as well as in the center base pieces. Put it all together. You are now ready to finish the table with the table top or chair seat.

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