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How would a raised rounded edge like this be produced?

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I'm talking about the curvy rounded raised edge on the bottom of this window treatment. I can see cutting out the box bottom using a bandsaw or jigsaw but what about the raised edge. It sort of looks like beading.
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Hi Paul

This is what I would do to copy this type of bead..
If you look real close you will see it's made up in parts (7 total).
1st find some 3/8" oak and glue/screw it to the base but it must be 1 1/2" wide and stick out 1/2" from the main part, then find a block of oak and cut the curve out to fit the S part of the base again it should be 3/8" thick (on both sides of the base/bottom)
(use the band saw for this type of part) Once all the oak parts are in place and are sticking out by 1/2" or so then take some 1/4" MDF (2" wide) and stick it to the base just above the oak parts you have in place then chuck up a bead bit with a bearing in the plunge router and cut the bead along the base/bottom.
The 1/4" MDF will off set the bead from the base and when your done with the bead cut remove the MDF and it should come out just like the snapshot..

Just one more note *** I would cut the oak " S " part 1st and then cut the main part to fit it, you know how it is when you cut thick oak parts on the band saw they can be off just a bit because of the turn in the stock and you want it to fit just right in the S, then trace it to the main part and cut it out with a good jig saw.
You don't want any light to show though on this part,it's the 1st part most will look at, trying to see how you made it.
Take care when you cut the S part you don't want to see the end grain showing.. :) on the bead.

Here's a link to a bit that I would use for the bead.

Just one more way because it's a window treatment you can make a rope bead that's to say you take some rope (3/8" dia.) and rap it in fabric and sew it up and then staple it to the base and cut it off sq. to the base,then cover the staples with more fabric. :)

This is just one or two ways to do this. :)

Good Luck
Bj :)
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