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I’m making a wooden clock as a hobby and the attached indicates part of the clock’s face. The plans I bought came in 8.5”x11” sheets in full scale and I had to cut/glue them together to form the parts. What you see in the picture is about 14”x12” wide which I will glue to 1/2” Baltic birch ply for the final cut.

None of the curves you see are proper circles and that’s the problem. If they were proper circles I would use my router on a jig I have which cut circles up to 36” OD but on curves how can I do the cut?

I could use my band saw for the rough cut and then use my sander to finish but I don’t think it will be perfect.

Any suggestions?
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Yes do as you stated.
It will be perfect and after years and years of doing this I can do any curve, perfect circle to any arc and make them so perfect I can mate glue up parts together by only sanding the edge of the mating sides.

You can always make a template and then use a flush cut bit or proper bit and bushing to get the exact shape too. Since you don't need mate parts, just cut and sand, you have it right. Safer, simpler, faster and no tear out.

My daughter and I made this Surmandel, it is an Indian Zither Harp( temporary strings). This was made just band saw cut and sand to line. She did the cutting and sanding as her first project using this Technique. I taught her, she followed it up with perfection after a few hours of practice. I think it came out great. I designed the shape from online pics I saw and used the same technique you are thinking of using. The edges look perfect and match our design. I attached pictures to show all the sides and curves. As long as your edges are smooth does it matter if your edges are a perfect match to the plan, probably not.

The straight sides on this harp were also done by bandsaw and sand to line on our edge sander.

Your edges look a bit tougher todo, still what you suggest will work fine.

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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