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I use my CNC router table for stuff like this. Once the design is in DXF format, I secure the material to the spoil board and let the machine cut it.

Yes, I could do this by hand on a bandsaw. I used to cut letters for sign shops out of acrylic sheets and other materials. I was pretty good at "riding the back of the blade" in those days. Now I leave the difficult stuff to my computers and machines, as my eyes aren't the ONLY things on my body that are failing 😕

Creating a template out of acrylic or some other hard material is great. Once that is done correctly, you can use a standard router table with a bearing to follow the shape and give you a nice, clean cut.

An intricate clock is one of the projects I really want to do, at least once, before I croak!

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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