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Howdy all

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Howdy all, I just joined the forum,just happened to find it while searchiing for some information on dovetail jigs.
I wouldlove to hear from new friends,love to meet wood workers from all over.I'm not sure yet how to go to chats,so any help I can get I would appreciate. You can IM me at F5seel at which is also my e'mail. Look forward to sharing
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Hope you got my email welcoming you aboard I just hate posting and getting no responses but most of the time this does happen is when some of us don't know the correct response don't want to give the wrong info out.
Welcome to All Thumbs!
Welcome to the forums All Thumbs, good to hear you have all yer digits :) -- but there's gotta be a story behind the 'thumbs' part...
Welcome and enjoy!
Welcome aboard All Thumbs.......Chuck
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