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Howdy from south western coast of Canada

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Howdy from the south western coast of Canada

Howdy, everyone, just thought I would do my own 'ello to the forums.

Get the simple A/S/L stuff out of the way firstly

My name is Dan, 39, located in Sunny (sometimes) Surrey B.C. just out side of Vancouver Canada. Only been into woodworking (as much as you could call my 'skills' woodworking - but I keeo trying and learning, and making big piles of saw dust, so I must be on the right track :D ) for about 13/14 years. I also enjoy music, playing, and listenening to live, even though my choicce would probably not be the norm to most on the forums here.

In another thread I started, I was asked by Dr. Zook about my user name, so I thought I would come here to explain it, to try and keep that thread a little closer to the topic at hand.

I used to work with/enjoy a now defunct online 2d visual chat prgram (The Palace) wher I wore a none "gender" identifying avatar of a small badly drawn cow, that I added a red cape to, and modified for various posess to fit the top/room I was a part of at the time.

Now most of the ladies, would wear avatars that where openely femenin, much as they are want to do, and sure as the sun rises and sets every day, there would be a none stop end of jokers looking ofr "virtual" love on the net, harassing them to no end. One night quite inocently (well not so inocently maybe) I stepped in and acted as a "bait car" if you will, for one particular customer, who simply could not seem to understand that the ladies assembled in the room where not in the mood for his (not so) subtle advances (you have to wonder if these people act the same in their real lives as they do in their virtual ones) anyways, I was more open to his advances, and drug him along for a while, much the same way a kid would draw ants out of their hill with sugar, only to hit them with a magnifying glass once they where in the open. This went on for several minutes, when it then slipped out (not so accidently) that I was a Steve, and not an Eve. Much to his dismay and shock! Apperantly that was a deal breaker for him, and we never did see him again.

With a little practice I became quite good at clearing these jokers out, and for the ones that wouldn't go willing, I'd drag into a "private" discussion, and then rebrodcast with to rest of the room, much to the advance makers chagrin. Sometimes public humiliation is a great motivator. That is where, because of the avatars I used, I became known unofficially as "Super Cow", which was a bit pretensious even for me, so I changed that to Cowinacape, as I didn't want to get lumped in with all the other super heroes out there. :D

To some the world of "virtual chat" may seem rather bizarre as a concept, but I did make several freinds, some of whom I have even gone so far as to have in my house :D, and one even became my better half of the last nine years! Right now, my S.W.M.B.O. is asleep on the couch "watching her soaps" I have about the same reaction them myself :D but I know she will blame that on the cold medication she has been taking, and not the script of the show. :rolleyes:

I look forward to learning a lot of new methods of making the best of finest grades of sawdust here, already this forum has proven to be a great wealth of information!
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Welcome Dan, looking forward to hearing more from you!


Thanks Dan for the explanation of your avatar. :confused: I knew there had to be a good one for it. Glad to have a "Super Cow" with us. Strike that, I mean "cowinacape". :D Appreciate what you did for the ladies. Up, up, and away, for now. :D
W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d . . . Dan!!

My wife watches a lot of soaps too... :)

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