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Howdy from sunny Arizona

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I love getting your tips and that's how I found out about the forums (great idea!) but have never seen the show. Can anyone tell me if it's on in Arizona, what station and time?

Thanks and again, these forums should be a great help to all of us!
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Hey, welcome to the forums! I'm not really sure when the show is on but I can ask Bob or Rick to answer you asap.
Thank you sir, I'd sure appreciate being able to see it if possible!
If you picked Cable America instead of that wretched Cox thing, you can get the Router Workshop on Saturday afternoons at 2:30 on the BYU channel. Elsewise, you're out of luck unless you've paid for premium channels on that wretched Cox thing.
Putzger said:
Elsewise, you're out of luck unless you've paid for premium channels on that wretched Cox thing.
Actually, I do have Cox, digital cable, digital phone and broadband internet access. I haven't found them to be too wretched yet (I get my internet free with the digital TV and phone package)

Anyway, where and when would I be looking for it on Cox, if you can bring yourself down to my wretched level . . . *grin*
As I said, you have to get the extra cost stations with COX in order to get the Brigham Young University (BYU) station. As I recall, you have to look for it among Cox' Digital TV offerings in teh 200 or so channel number series. (BYU-TV is the Morman Church TV outlet so you might have to sort through hours and hours of "stuff" to find what you're looking for.)

I used to use COX until I realized how just bad and flaky their technical services are. When combined with incredibly snotty customer service and ridiculous charges for repair services, a digital telephone "service" that might work one day but not the next became a bit more than I needed to put up with.

I switched to Cable America and haven't had a moment of regret since. (And it's less costly to boot!)
Hey Putzger, thanks for the info. I'll take a gander at the channel line ups and see if I can find the air time.

By the way, from looking at your web site, y'all live just "down the street" from me (I'm around Ellsworth and Baseline). Very impressed with the work you did on the home and I'm going to start on that wonderful screen door myself this weekend. My wife's been on me forever about getting one on the back door. Perhaps someday I can get the nickel tour of your house and shop and we can shoot the breeze. I could obviously learn a thing or two from you.
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