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Howdy, Name is Jiggs from Butte MT

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I retired in December of 2003 - 6 months prior to that I owned a power drill, a skill saw, and 2 hand saws. I made a mistake one day and watched Router Workshop on PBS. They made it look so easy I got hooked. I now own a planer, 2 routers w/tables, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, jointer, drill press and every imaginable sander there is, plus a ton of "gadgets".

When the wife and I started house hunting, (we relocated when we retired), the garage had priorities over the kitchen and other wifely desires. So we ended up with a 4 car garage with a house. Divided the garage in half, insulated it and proceeded to make saw dust.

Bob and Rick made it look a lot easier than I'm finding it. I make the most expensive planter boxes in the world. Expensive in the sense that I make a lot of sawdust and kindling in between useable items.

Have a lot of pictures and ideas in my head, just can't transfer them to my hands. Sure wish I could find a school or a mentor to assist me getting over the hump.

I've learned a lot and have had a lot of my questions answered by reading this forum.
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Great to see another Montanan on the forum. Welcome aboard.

I'm a beginner also, and boy can I understand your situation of having ideas in your head that you'd like to transfer to wood. :) Sounds like you have great shop situation though, at least you'll be able to practice/work year-round.

Again, welcome.
Welcome to the RouterForums angus. You sure are going to learn a lot more and get lots of ideas as I do. Once again, Welcome! :cool:
Angus: It's easy... you just need a little practice with some projects designed to teach required techniques. I have posted one of these projects on the email tips called "Adding the look of feet." click here to see the project

It is one of the projects in the beginner level. Hoping to have a group of these kind of projects before the end of the year.

Keep up the good work!
Hey angus, glad to have you with us. As for Bob & Rick, remember they are Master Craftsmen with "YEARS" of practice. They are also good enough to have their own show.
welcome to the fold angus...............
i agree with DR.ZOOK as there is no scrap..... only
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