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I retired in December of 2003 - 6 months prior to that I owned a power drill, a skill saw, and 2 hand saws. I made a mistake one day and watched Router Workshop on PBS. They made it look so easy I got hooked. I now own a planer, 2 routers w/tables, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, jointer, drill press and every imaginable sander there is, plus a ton of "gadgets".

When the wife and I started house hunting, (we relocated when we retired), the garage had priorities over the kitchen and other wifely desires. So we ended up with a 4 car garage with a house. Divided the garage in half, insulated it and proceeded to make saw dust.

Bob and Rick made it look a lot easier than I'm finding it. I make the most expensive planter boxes in the world. Expensive in the sense that I make a lot of sawdust and kindling in between useable items.

Have a lot of pictures and ideas in my head, just can't transfer them to my hands. Sure wish I could find a school or a mentor to assist me getting over the hump.

I've learned a lot and have had a lot of my questions answered by reading this forum.
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