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Howdy Ya'll from North Texas

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Hello to all,

My name is Lonnie and I am from Amarillo Texas.

I very new to wood working. I recently purchased my first router. A PC 690 with the fix and plunge base. I have used the fixed bse to make my router table top and insert opening. I havent worked with the plunge base yet. I really like the looks and wieght of the router. Fits me like a glove. My other hobbies includes tinkering on the computer and listening to oldies music.

I have read alot of the posts here and can tell that this is a great forum with people who really like to help each other out. I am glad I found this forum.

If you are ever in Amarillo come by and we can go to the Big Texan Steak House. They have a 72oz steak there and if you can eat it and all the trimmings in an hour the meal is free. Can you think of a better way to kill an hour? Or if it is your brithday they will give you a free prime rib roast meal. No it isnt quite as big as the fore mention steak but it is still a good meal.

Hope to see and hear from ya'll soon.
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Hi Lonnie and thanks for the invite. If I am ever in the US I will certainly take you up on that. If you ever make it to the Antipodes and come to New Zealand I will show you where the Hobbits live!!

Hi Lonnie, look forward to talking about routers with you.
Hey, welcome Lonnie, glad ya could join us. There are quite a few new to woodworkers here. So, don't be afraid to ask what you feel are silly and dumb question. Ya gotta learn sometime. We have some great knowledge and experience on this forum. Again, WELCOME. Dr.Zook
Hi Lonnie
Just drove through the U. S. and stopped in Amarillo to take photos of the Steak House. My 12 year old son had read about it (and wasn't on the trip) so we bought him a t-shirt there. No, I didn't try the 72 oz. steak... I could probably eat about 10 at most!
hey Lonnie,
I have that same router and have used them for years of heavy use. I also remember going to the Big Texun about 43 years ago. Seems like we got to pick a toy out
of a big ol' sack after supper.
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