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Hello to all,

My name is Lonnie and I am from Amarillo Texas.

I very new to wood working. I recently purchased my first router. A PC 690 with the fix and plunge base. I have used the fixed bse to make my router table top and insert opening. I havent worked with the plunge base yet. I really like the looks and wieght of the router. Fits me like a glove. My other hobbies includes tinkering on the computer and listening to oldies music.

I have read alot of the posts here and can tell that this is a great forum with people who really like to help each other out. I am glad I found this forum.

If you are ever in Amarillo come by and we can go to the Big Texan Steak House. They have a 72oz steak there and if you can eat it and all the trimmings in an hour the meal is free. Can you think of a better way to kill an hour? Or if it is your brithday they will give you a free prime rib roast meal. No it isnt quite as big as the fore mention steak but it is still a good meal.

Hope to see and hear from ya'll soon.
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