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I am too many things to make this short. Cattleman, horseman, farmer (kind of), chemical engineer, fly fisherman, woodworker, CNC intermediate etc. I have a few machines that I have picked up here and there, but I prefer hand work.

I enjoy building things to build things. I have built a few hand planes like a wooden jointer, 55 deg wooden coffin smoother, double dovetail infill shoulder plane and three or four bow saws. When not doing that, I am currently in a kick of building arts and crafts replicas. The main thing is that I do not build the same thing twice. This little idiosyncrasy means that I have to play little mental games when it comes to building dining chairs.

What has driven much of my woodwork is picking up volumes of wood at auctions. Like 250 bd ft of quarter sawn white oak for 30 cents a board ft or 5/4x16 cherry for $1 a board ft. Then I haul it home and try to build things from it.

People have suggested that I do this as a business, but doing that might require building the same thing twice or it could involve real work.

Glad to be here. Hopefully I can be of some help now and again.
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