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Since i now have 4 routers, I guess I should learn how to use them more professionally than I have in the past. My next project will be to make raised panels for a kitchen remodel my wife wants. Any recommendations on bit cost vs. quality would be helpful.

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Hi DW wilson44

As you know doing a kitchen remodel can add up to big bucks but if you know how to cut some of the cost you can save big bucks also.
The best way is make your own cabinets from the ground up and doors with the two videos below you will know many of the shortcuts.
The videos cover Horz.bits but the same thing is true for Vert.bits just a bit cheaper.
The bits I recommend are listed below...

You will also see a bit set to make the door frames below.
this one comes with a Horz.panel bit,3 pcs.set.

I do Recommend you get both below videos below.

Arched Raised Panels Made easy
Cabinetmaking Made Easy DVD
You will get one of them FREE when you place a order on line when if it's over 20.oo.
FREE one=it's in the VHS....format...

Raised Panel Bits - Vertica
on sale at 38.ooea.
Plus this set below T&G set.
I made a jig to make raised panels quick and easy, see below

hope this helps
Bj :)

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Hello dwwilson44,

When I got "serious" about routing I purchased a huge set of bits really cheap on EBAY(50 bits 40 bucks). They work fine and do what there supposed to do. But the handfull that get used regularly I've been replacing with better bits from MLCS. They work better(sound better,cut smoother,less sanding).

With that said, I have done my own kitchen remodel where my old white cabinets got a new coat of paint and I made new doors. The doors have a clear pine frame with a white raised panel(MDF). All of which was done with the yellow 3 piece set Harbor Frieght puts on sale all the time for 20 bucks. Someday I'll get a more expensive set and will probably see or hear a differance. But the cheap ones got the job done while I was on a tight budjet.


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One of the best values on bits is from Woodcraft. They regularly run specials where their 20 most commonly used bits are $5 each. These bits are covered by Woodcrafts unconditional money back guarantee. Holmgren offers good quality bits, and so far Whiteside seems to be the highest rated of all. MLCS does have a very wide selection to choose from. All of these brands perform well and are popular with our members.
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