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Howdy Folks,
My name is George. I am totaly new to woodworking and am looking forward to learning the art and skills of woodcraft.
I recently bought a Shopsmith Mark V and am eagerly waiting for delivery.
I am thinking about buying a plunge router and would like some suggestions as to what to look for and maybe which would be the best brand to consider within a moderate price range since I'm retired and have limited funds.
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Welcome George. You'll find this a great place for tips and encouragement (and a laugh). I won't try and advise you on router types as I am In NZ and router models can be very different. FYI though, I have a Triton plunge router mounted in a table and a smaller Bosch POF500A for detail work.
George, Welcome to the RouterForums. Some of our knowledgable members will tell what they think is best for a beginner. A lot depends on what you want to do with it. How it feels in your hands. ETC.
A quick Hi from Tom.

I've had a router for a number of years; and while I'm a slow learner I always manage to find something new when log on here. So if you guys or gals have a new idea or method of doing something, post it.

Someday soon I'll be able to turn this thing on and see what all the talk is about.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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