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HPL??? High Pressure Laminate???
what style locks and hinges... type/size...
need a lot more information...

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Drill Bits
Hole Saws/Circle Cutters
Dowel, Plug & Tenon Cutters
Hand Drills
Jigs, Guides & Supports
Chucks, Keys, Collars and Acc.
Bushings and Inserts

Jig & Fixture Parts
Veritas® Worksurface™
1/4-20 Jig & Fixture Parts
5/16-18 Jig & Fixture Parts
3/8-16 T-Nuts & Propell Nuts
Hanger Bolts – Metric (M4)
Incra Build-It® Jig &
Fixture System
Incra® Miter-Slot Slider Bars
Veritas® Bench Anchor
Magnetic Clamps
Veritas® Knock-Down Fasteners
UHMW & Polycarbonate Sheets
Adhesive Tapes
Polyurethane Wheels
Striplox 90° Panel Connector
Striplox Surface-Mount Connector
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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