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I have actually been a member of routerforums for almost a year but I do not think I have really introduced myself. This forum is usually (almost always) a very warm and supportive place where there can be a free exchange of ideas.

For all the time I have worked with wood, except for one 9 month period, I have enjoyed it very much. My day job emphasizes questioning and encouraging others to question the "orthodox" thought and to examine conclusions from the work of ohters in a skeptical but not cynical way.

If you pursue my previous screen name th-alton you will learn that I am a partial paraplegic confined to a wheelchair and have to adapt in many ways. I am still trying to build a suitable router table using the Oak Park table top.

I do have a question. Right now I own a power drill, a Makita 3612c router, a Jorgenson hand powered miter saw (the setting for 90° is not 90°, all the other settings seem to be off by a degree or two). Although my spouse refuses to accept that I believe it, I am on a budget. If I were to purchase one and only one power saw, am I better off with a miter saw, a table saw or a circular saw? My prejudice is towards a circular saw that I could use much the way a router can be used, as either hand-held or table mounted.

Any suggestions?

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