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I know ... "Just find something you like to do, and do it!"

I have been in the deepest frump for the past 18 months or longer. I have been trying to climb out of it, but the motivation just isn't there. I have two home hobby shops full of machines and tools, but no desire to get out there to use them. I swear there must be a BIG spider web spun across the entry doors ... the spiders are thinking, "When that fat guy walks in next time, we've got him!"

I am 63 now. Not "old" yet, but the world sure isn't what I thought it would be at this age. I have added a few things to my shops, in the hopes of getting excited again about working out there. I recently added a DeWalt planer, a Grizzly 20" helical planer, and a 48" 12 ga. sheet metal finger brake from Grizzly, as well as a big new dust collector, a small HFT lathe, and other things.

I don't have that friend who stops by the shop. I normally work alone. Those red oak church pews are calling me, but I never seem to get the energy to mess with them. I have lots of material, a CNC router table and a CNC plasma table, etc. I recently acquired a nice powder coating machine, but now I have to buy (or build) an oven and a spray booth.

I spend a lot of time flipping though my "Eye Candy Store" (PINTEREST.COM) for ideas. People are so creative! I should probably just pick SOMETHING and say, "I'm going to build THAT today!" I even have a TIG welder on order through Northern Tools, but just like everything else, "Delivery is delayed because of COVID!" I swear, it has become the universal excuse for poor customer service, poor job performance, and a glaring lack of intelligence.

Today is another day. I'm going to go grab some breakfast, and see if I can force myself to walk into the shops and stay there for a few hours, if only to sort things and clean up a bit. I do have some big projects I want to accomplish this year. MAYBE 2022 will be better.

Do something simple that you can give to another person as a gift. Bird feeders are always my go to when I'm in the frump slump. It'll keep you busy, get some run time on those machines and you'll put a smile on someone's face when you give it to them. I made this feeder yesterday, painted it last night and Saturday my sister in law will have a new addition to her self made aviary backyard. You have to keep moving, moss doesn't grow on anything in motion.....including people!

Happy 2022!
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