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I bought a new router , now?

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I have an older 1/4" b&d router nice unit but i wanted to move up so I bought a new router import Ironfist Brand (china) 1/2" plunge unit 3 hp , So now....
anyone have one of these that they have table mounted if so what mounting do i look for or is this a do it yourself job :) im sure this is a knock off of a brand name router just wondering which one ? bought from princess auto in canada , thx for the help
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Hi Larry
You could take the base plate off the router and take it with you and do a stare and compare with brand name routers to see if it matches any of the plate patterns. Then if it matches you can probably find a pre-drilled base plate for that style router or just use the existing base for a pattern and drill it yourself.
Excellent advice George. Larry, you are the first to mention this brand so we will want to hear back from you about it's performance. Be sure to let us know if it matches another brands base plate. Give us your thoughts on the stability of the plunge mechanism, ease of adjustment and any problems you encounter. Our membership is building the best knowledge base on the internet for all things router. Welcome to the forums.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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