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I-carver 40-915 stuck on HOME

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Our shop general I-carver 90-415 was working fine last week. This week I can't seem to get the control panel to go pass the Homing menu. Router moves to home positions for all 3 axis but screen display just stays on "homing screen" and I can't get any further. I tried switching around some of the limit switches but no success. Any thoughts
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i would use an ohmeter, with power off, and test all of the home position switches to see if they are changing state from open to closed (or vice versa) when depressed. disconnect the switch, and insert ohmeter. you can even push/pull the axis toward the home position to watch the switch change state. check the mounting screws to see if they are tight. possibly one of the switches was loose and has moved, and the gantry travel is not engaging the switch far enough to change its state. your table may have a bracket that engages the switch as it travels, maybe the bracket became loose and moved.

you can also watch the state of the switch with a voltmeter while the machine is running. caution required here because you will be measuring live voltage, and the machine will be moving. try to find a safe place to insert your meter probes, and measure the voltage coming out of the switch, unsure if you will be measuring dc or ac on that machine. either way, the voltage should change as the machine actuates the switch near the end of its travel.
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I'm not familiar with your machine, but it does indeed act like the "on home" signals from one or more of the axis is causing the problem. One or more of them is missing at the controller. This is usually caused by one of the switches or sensors that detect home that the axis is at home position. All must be present before the software will go to the next step. @TimPa detailed how to find the problem.

I once worked on a machine with 26 axis of movement. This was such a problem that I ended up putting an indicator on the panel for each axis home sensor output. From then on, the operator had no trouble figuring out which home sensor needed attention. With only 3 axis of movement, this kind of problem happens much less, so indicators for each home sensor are usually not included in the design. It could have been included in the software too, where instead of just showing that it was in the homing cycle, it could have displayed each axis and whether or not it was "at home". Maybe this can be added by your tool programmer.

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