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I did use a router, honest.

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Having watched Forged in Fire for a couple of years now, I decided I needed to make a knife (Its in him, and its gotta come out)

But I ended up with a "Thats not a knife" kind of knife.

The blade is 8670 steel, 3/16" thick x 2 1/2" wide. The guard is solid brass (I used the router table and a straight cutter to finish the slot that the blade fit through.)
The scales are bubinga with maple backing, held in with epoxy and three brass pins.
The blade is 12 3/4" total weight is 2 1/2lb (1.1 kg)
Lots of minor blemishes to work through yet before final polishing, and I think I might black the blade and leave the edge bare.


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nicely done Bob...
Hi Bob,that is a very nice knife.Please don't black the blade,looks great as is. James
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...agree with James...looks great polished...very nice...
Of course it's your knife but it looks fantastic as is unless you're worried about it reflecting light at night and giving away your position:). But that my opinion.....
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That would look cool in an open carry state.
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Now we need a new forum ......... The Forge. Nicely done!
Handle is a bit square, but otherwise looking good. Eet will keell.
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Bob that is a nice looking knife and at 12 3/4" long and 2 1/2 pounds I am surprised people are arguing with you about blackening the blade. I say whatever you want to do is fine with me!
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Bob, instead of trying to gild the lily, perhaps you could utilise the time to perfect a flick that would pass the blade through the mullet of a repellant adolescent refugee from a zit-fest? Now that would be cool.
David, you mean you have knife open-carry states over there? How did Crocodile Dundee get by unhindered?
Good job, Bob, you always come up with the most interesting projects.
Beautiful work Bob. I'd strongly suggest that you stay away from airports while carrying it.
Holy cow Bob, you make the most interesting stuff. That show is really fascinating.
Great job Bob.
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