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I got a black Friday deal online at Home depot

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I was browsing and found a wen 10 inch drill press for $130 That was a savings of $30 this included shipping. I received the drill press on a store pick up at my Home depot. It arrived not even a dent on the box. I assembled the drill press and the table was square out of the box. The laser guide was aligned perfect out of the box. Another nice feature the table and base are about the same width which makes easy to square the table by eye to the pier. I have a table from Rocklar with a nice fence. I know most would tell me you should bought the 12 inch variable speed model. I could not justify the extra hundred dollar. I need to build a cabinet for the drill press. I am going to combined with my pancake compressor under Neath.
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I am a WEN fan. I also really like the idea of putting the compressor underneath. Good place for it. Mine lives under the outfeed table. I have the larger WEN DP and have to tell ya, it's a really good machine.
I start the cabinet today. I'll show the build progress. The sides have been cut to size. Going to have two drawers and open space at the bottom for my compressor.
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