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I guess I have "Lurked" long enough!

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Hey! I have been watching you! I guess I should throw in my 2 cents.
I have been a "Wood Butcher' (what my shop teacher called me 50 odd years ago), for most of my life. I have way too many hobbies! Woodworking (butchering) is one close to the top. When I retired I bought myself a retirement present: A "Probotix Fireball Comet" CNC router. CNC Routers are amazing machines! Mine has paid for itself many times over just with the entertainment I get from watching it run. Not to mention all the wonderful gifts
I have been able to make for people. When I got my machine I had no idea how it actually worked! I acquired V-Carve Pro for software and that made it pretty easy! My Dad was a machinist all of my life, so I knew what a milling machine was. Once I toured Cincinnati Milling Machine so I had a good idea what a CNC was. I retired from GE Health Care after 33 years as a Nuclear Service Engineer and was a Computer Repairman on AWACS in the Air Force. So Having an interest in computers and woodworking, CNC Router was the next logical step. In the past 6 years I have made a lot of "Man Glitter" ( sorry ladies if that sounds sexist, I am not! I love you guys.. (that sounds kind of creepy too!). Back to the subject at hand. I am new to this type board so not sure of all the ins and outs. I will try to attach a photos of a project that am proud of. It is a "Music Stand that I made for my Grand Daughter last year. It was cut out completely with my CNC.
I live in Eastern PA near Allentown
As I said above my CNC is Probotix Fireball Comet
Software I use is V-Carve Pro V8.517


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Welcome to the forum! When you get a minute complete your profile with first name so it clears the N/a in the side panel. We like first names here...

That's a neat looking music stand! Is that your design? You can show us your shop, tools, CNC, projects, etc. when you're ready.

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That’s an awesome looking music stand ! Glad you could join in all the fun .
Now if we just new your first name lol
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Hi Brer. After 5 years in the lurkers closet it was time to come out all right. Welcome and you should know we hate hate referring to people as N/A after 5 years of lurking.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum.( old time lurker)
Very nice Music stand, you did great job on that, lookong forward to more pictures of your projects.
Welcome to the Forum Ellis,

I'm sure you will find several knowledgeable people for CNC issues. I love the music stand and look forward to seeing more of your work.

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Welcome to the Router Forums. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects.
Welcome to the forum, Ellis. That's a neat looking music stand.
Welcome to the forum Ellis.
G'day, Ellis, welcome to the forum.
Welcome, Ellis. Looking at your work, it's apparent that you have been lurking far too long, and have good stuff to share with the rest of us. I'm looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of your talents.
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