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I had a dream, the best kind of all... a tool dream. It was beautiful. Every email I got from company's that sold tools that advertised Buy One/Get One included tools that had cords. What, I said it must be a miss print. Buy a corded tool and get another corded tool of equal or lesser value free! I immediately went to each company's website, Oh Sweet Jesus it is true! Glimmering like the bounty of an overflowing treasure chest there it was "Buy One Corded Tool and Get Another Free". Some websites even offered free shipping on the big equipment. Tears ran down my face as I compared prices from one to another. As I wiped them away I tried not to scratch my eyes with the fistful of credit cards in my hand. When the buying spree ended due to every credit card being maxed out I was still shaking with joy of it all. I bought every tool I ever wanted. I even bought a CNC machine knowing I would never be able to run it correctly. it didn't matter because I now have one.
If I never have all of the tools I want before I die, it will be alright because at least in the dream I did! :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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