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Hi There Fraternity,

Well as you know from previous posts, I have a mixture of 240 and 110v tools and as such have run both circuits around the workshop. Now unfortunately my 240/110 transformer gave up the ghost and decided to get a new one. You will also know each piece of equipment requires some very delicate negotiations, similar to Brexit, but far more complicated.

I decided to get right to the point. My transformers broken, beyond repair. That’s nice dear, was the reply. No, you don’t understand, I need a new one. How much are they she enquired. Between £70 and £100 I muttered. Well put it on your Christmas list, and we will see what Santa will bring. I was incensed and decided to take the bull by the horn as they say and stamped my feet, which did not have the desired effect as my wife makes me take off my shoes when I come in from the workshop and I was standing on a solid tiled floor in my socks, however she did react o my heel bone cracking. She laughed so hard I thought she was going to pee herself.

Somewhere in my deluded mind I thought I would put the fear of death into her with my determination, but sadly the shoe was on the other foot, not mine, they were outside on the porch.

Last week we decided on a trip to Glasgow for a couple of days and decided to visit Stirling on the way there. Now shopping with your wife is you like it or hate it, especially when they are on a mission. I always look for what I call men shops, like Maplin’s and as luck had it I found a Cash Converters on the High Street and we parted ways. Now I use their online shop all the time. My last purchase being a core cutting drill. On this occasion I spotted what you see in the photos.

I could tell why it had the £15 sticker on it, which the shop had based on its outward appearance, but being in the construction industry for 50 years I was aware of its virtues. Firstly, no cracks or bulges to the casing and most importantly it had a manual resetting lock out button. This means you cannot burn it out with over taxing the amps.

Brought it home and stripped it down to last nut and bolt. I used a 4.5mm grinder with flap disk and rebuilt and carried out a rudimentary pat test with a meter.

And she works like a dream.

Any UK member who is on the lookout for tools on a budget should look at Cash Converters or Generators, especially on line.



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