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I know what it is but how does it work?

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Picked up a Sjobergs Bench today & it came with a couple of add ons. Firstly there is a steel vice adapter plate which locks into the wooden vice, simple but effective. Secondly & here lies the problem, it came with a Sjobergs branded Holdfast which I hope the photos demonstrate appears to be a standalone item. I'm hoping this might work in conjunction with the bench (somehow!). The Holdfast itself will not fit the square slots already in the Bench & I can't figure out any way in which this separate unit works in conjunction with any part of the Bench as it is currently conformed. Any help much appreciated.
P.S. I can't find anything like this from Sjobergs on Google , even an image, very strange!


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It appears to be for holding boards parallel to the top to be worked on - is there a means to attach the slotted wooden piece to the leg at the opposite end from the vise? Here is a discussion on Sawmill Creek that seems to apply to your question, even has a p/n for the clamp.

Sjoberg bench question [Archive] - Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community
Al; nice find! You'll treasure that beast forever.
Sorry, can't help you with the question.
Very many thanks guys. I checked out the links but the Holdfasts though employing flat bar seem to be going into round holes! (Square Peg!) Nothing on the legs of my bench to attach either the board or the Holdfast either (bit too flimsy anyway to be honest). Basically, I'm not understanding why the fixed riveted head of the holdfast is running parallel to the slotted board. It appears that it will only clamp to itself! Really cracking up with this one (bah)
The photo second from the right at the bottom of the page shows clamping a part to the apron using what I assume is the current design holdfast - the discussion on Sawmill Creek describes this use, with the rectangular profile of the bar preventing the clamp from rotating in the hole and needing to be straightened up when a part is clamped. I guess that the round part is cheaper - at least the hole.

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That's a cool bench! I am guessing, I wonder if the board is put into the end vise, the work piece is laid across on the board and the holdfast is used to the secured the work piece. I did find the holdfast, on Amazon of all places and it is shown being used in a round [email protected];
Looks like it might work, but I think a plain old holdfast would be better.


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