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Nice boxes. And I would not have a bit of use for them. BUT, it suddenly hit me that I could use some six drink carriers. With a twist. Make a drink carrier quite similar exteriorly to your boxes. Six pockets inside, to hold three drinks on each side, and a handle running down the center, with the box deep enough to make everything, including the handle an inch or so below the top sides. Make all of them with maybe 1/2" sticking down from each bottom, and of a size to fit inside the top of another box, so you could stack them. You could make a cover, so you could stack a couple and use as a seat. Not quite as versatile as yours with varying heights, but something I could definitely use. Likely not near as pretty as your either, but so it goes.

I made a couple of three drink carriers awhile back, cardboard, wood glue, cloth. The fast food joint carriers usually tipped, and spilled a lot of drinks. My carriers made me the hero of the fast food joints. LOL Not really pretty, but got handles on them and no spilling any drinks now. Crude, but works like a charm, and free materials.


1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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