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I need help! Dewalt Planer Question

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I have a Dewalt 2-blade planer and until yesterday I had no complaints with it. Except, the occasional wish that it was an inch wider :)

Yesterday I had to change the blades due to two nicks that were causing me no end of grief (the culprit offered to pay for the sharpening so all is good there). Prior to changing the blades the planer never sniped, at all; after I changed the blades I used it successfully to plane some cherry legs for a stool I am making, but when I used it to plane a piece of maple it started sniping rather severely.

I thought I used the depth gauges properly, but obviously I didn't do something right. Does anyone have any tips as to how to fix this?
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try posting this queston om You might run into some one over there how will know about that,
Learning Herb
In case anyone else has the same problem with their DeWalt planer (DW733)...
It turns out that if I had put the blades in using what is called, "The Right Way" I would have had no issues :)

I aligned the blades last night and realized that I had not pushed one of them back far enough and it was sticking out about 1/16 inch more than it should be. No wonder I had so much snipe.
Thanks for the warning on this I have a DW733 in which I have to change the blades real soon myself.
The reason I didn't set the blades correctly the first time was that I couldn't figure out how to use the blade depth gauges and the socket wrench at the same time. When I was trying to fix my mistake, I noticed a little wrench attached to the guard that was able to fit in behind and tighten the two end bolts. My forehead was a little sore after that :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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