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I notice there is quite some time since anyone posted anything about sketchup.

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Is this because everyone is now full bottle, or, doesn't sketch up apply any more?
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I've been using SU for a very long time - since it was a Google product. My relationship with it is love/hate. I know it really well and can bang out somewhat simple stuff in no time at all. Currently using the free V17. About a year ago they made a concerted effort to push people into the newer one by doing things like shutting off access to the parts warehouse. So, I use it less. I mostly use if for modeling woodshop projects. I can import the files into VCarve Pro if I want to cut it on a CNC router. That actually works quite well.

What I don't like about SU is that you really can't do small scale stuff - their test for whether 2 points are in the same location is way too coarse. That causes all sorts of grief - for example intersecting 2 lofted surfaces often gets you weird holes. You can scale up 10 or 100X to get around the problem but when you scale back down it often has problems. Don't know if they have fixed that, last time I checked it was still a problem.

I also use F360 and FreeCAD. Each has their value and drawbacks.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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