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I notice there is quite some time since anyone posted anything about sketchup.

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Is this because everyone is now full bottle, or, doesn't sketch up apply any more?
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When someone saves a file in the latest format and puts it up for download the 2017 version won't open it. I never really got a chance to use it very much. Made a few drawings with it but never really had a need for it. After 40 years of buyin g CAD programs and none of them still useable It became less practical for me. I found once I built it in SU my desire to build it in the real world was gone....ha! I design a lot of smaller stuff in vcarve as it can be used to cut parts out.
Monthly or yearly pricing programs just don't fit my style. Sometimes I will lay something down for a year and then pick it up again.
Does SketchUp have the option to save in an earlier version? The reason I ask is that CorelDraw allows me to save all the way back to Version 11 if I'm sending a file to someone with an older version (I'm on X8 or 18).
Yes it does. But when you pull down a newer version off of the web trying to get a version you can open is a pain. If one had a friend that had a newer version that could open it and save it as a 2017 version that would work. It can be done but it's klunky.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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