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I Really need help !!!

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I am a complete newbe to the router... I found the Spacer Fence at Oak-Park and emailed them asking about it. The nice lady (Sandy) told me I needed a flat surface router table with a width of no more than 19 inches.

Can a member please tell me what kinda cheap router table I can get like I described ? I will mount a Skill Classic 1 3/4 plung router to the table. I would appreciate any help I can get.

old folks
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Hi old folks

You can make your own with some birch plywood quick and easy.

But it's not cheap,you can cut a corner or two but you may not like what you will end up with :( lets see if I can add it up for you, 3/4" x 4 x 8 plywood at about 35.oo bucks but it's not birch just the sandard plywood or MDF then the base plate to mount the router to at about 35.oo bucks then you want a install kit at about 20.oo bucks, then the little items,glue,screws,knobs,etc. you will drop 150.oo bucks b/4 you can install the router in the box/cabinet ,so the bottom line is get one that's done for your 1st one,like the one below for 120.oo bucks or 200.oo bucks then all you need to do is install your router when the UPS driver drops it off at your door step. :)
You can get one of the cheap Sears ones but I don't recommend them.

see the links below, for many ideas how to make one/:) plus you can send off for the plans if you want to.

router base plates below. with free shipping :)

If you don't want to make one,see links below you will see some that are ready to go.

Bj :)
BJ, As a first router table do think the MLCS bench top model is ok ? Thanks for replying to my post.
old folks

If you are talking about the one for 119.oo yes it is.
I know you said that you are on SS and you have a limited budget for tools like we all do. I think that it will do it for you and you can always use it if you make a bigger and better one down the road, can't have to many routers or router tables.
It's nice to have one setup with one bit and then just move over the other one to do one more router job.

It always amazed me with all the router tables and routers that Bob and Rick have at their disposal they only use one on the show (RWS) and they always pop in a new router and plate to setup for a new cut when they could turn around and run it on one of the other ones they have setup.
Likes Ricks router table . :)

BJ :)
I agree with Bob, the MLCS one would work for you ok. Keep in mind that Bob has one router and table for every bit he owns :) Honestly you could do worse for router tables. That one is fine to learn the ins and outs and pros and cons of table routing. You can very easily make one yourslef though much like the Oak Park one. Very easy to make but you would need to by the plate. Good luck!

Old Folks, My suggestion is for you to build your own table. This is a perfect first project that lets you get familiar with your router. You can also build your own table for a fraction of the price of a ready made table. Using a mounting plate is the best way to go. Kits are available to make it easy to install, and it can be moved to a different table in the future with no problem.
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