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Ideas for a beaut Router Table.

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Hi all, now Xmas is out of the way I may get a little time to myself. I am contemplating making a router table to replace my Pressed Metal Triton 2000, a locally made item. The problem with it is being metal it tends to be very noisy.

I use a 3600b Makita in the table, so will probably spring for a new router as well. I also have a 3600 Makita BR which is excellent except for no speed control. I welcome any ideas which may be in vogue at the moment. I have good capabilities at making anything in steel or wood.

Some of my handywork including "The Cubbyhouse" delivered Xmas Eve to my Grandsons place. In the pics there is a horizontal router table which I made to do raised panel work with a vertical bit. This device fits on top of a homebrew table saw.

I trust you all had a great Xmas and a great new Year coming up.

Regards Mike ;)
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Hi Mike,

Some nice looking work!

Sorry I don't have any magic plans for a router table.... every time I think about making this great table I find some other ideas and well it never seems to happen. I do have a collection of router tables so I guess that is my solution......

I have seen a good number of posts here about router tables so maybe doing a search on "table" might uncover some for you.

By the way thanks for joining all us router people it is always nice to have one more member.

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