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I picked up a level at a garage sale over the week-end, I guess mainly cause it was only $1.
It is marked Stanley Mod. 233-24. It has unusual (to me) windows in that each window has TWO bubbles, and they will NEVER line up the same. Set it on edge on my work bench and one bubble will be dead on and the other will be way off, maybe even out of sight. I can see small arrows inside the window. The level is all metal and in pretty darned good shape, but It'll drive you nuts!! HA!
I suspect some of the old, bearded and toothless, gnarled and nasty, grim faced and worn members will have some familiarity with this tool and be able to fill us in on it.
As the acknowledged class slow boy.....I haven't a clue.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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