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Good day

I’m using Firefox and cannot watch the Wwchannel.
I made the following experiment and it works for me, I hope it will work also for everybody like me.

1. Download the RealPlayer 10.
2. During the installation, it will ask you if you want it to be the main player for all your media. Say YES and click NEXT.
3. You don’t have to register.
4. Never mind which browser you are using, don’t open it.
5. After the RealPlayer is installed you will have an icon on the desktop (tell it to create it during the installatoin).
6. Without opening any internet browser, double click on the RealPlayer icon. The RealPlayer will open.
7. Left click on the addres bar, it will turn blue.
8. Type: and ENTER. And it should work (I hope)
9. Click on Favorites and add the address for the next time.

If you have already The realplayer installed, just double click the icon and go.

No need IE, Firefox, Opera, or other browser.


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Just one more way to watch The Woodworking Channel if you are use FireFox.
The Woodworking Channel is looking for WMP on your machine as the default player.
When your in FireFox it will tell that you need the Plugin, when you click on the link for at that point it will give you a link to M$ web site so you can download it from them (free).
Once you got it downloaded and installed you will need to reboot so the reg. file can be updated so FireFox can use the WMP for the default.
Besure to get the right ver. for your OS. (win9x,win2k,XP)

Bj :)
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