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I'm a New Member

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Good morning,

I am New Member. Thank you for allowing and accepting me to join this forum. My experience: Beginner Level (in terms of Woodworking), with over 20 years as a Machinist. My wife also is a New Member with the same Beginner Level experience in Woodworking, and is more a Crafter of Arts (T-shirts, Cups, Cards, etc).
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Welcome to the forum, Johnny & Monique!

We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready. What sort of woodworking are you planning or doing?

Hello and welcome to the forums Johnny & Monique...

About your desire to learn... We can help, as we have put together some ''light reading'' for you...
We've gathered together pertinent/relative information at this here link to help you get up and running in the world of routers... We truly hope it's very useful to you... Enjoy...
Do take some time and read the safety PDF's... PLEASE!!!
Blood and trips to the ER, we find, are very annoying... Not to mention – expensive...

We welcome all questions on about any subject you can come up w/ too....
Not only that, we excel at spending your money...
Hey, Johnny and Monique; welcome! And thanks for filling out your bio!! :)
Do you guys have separate workrooms? Just curious; Monique's craft interests aren't really sawdust friendly(?)...
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Welcome to the forum Johnny & Monique , and as Dan mentioned thank you for filling out your bio. ;)
Hello and Welcome to the forum, Johnny & Monique!
Hi Johnny and Monique and welcome. You'll use some of the same skills you used as a machinist. The biggest difference will be in the material you work with. Where thousandths are the norm for machining about 1/32" is as fine as you need to worry about in woodworking.
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Johnny & Monique, glad you chose to jump in. Woodworking is a great addiction. Here is an updated pdf of the 18 things that sped up my learning curve. It covers about a 12 year span, so don't think you have to do this all at once. Maybe it will save you from buying unnecessary items.
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Welcome to the forum Johnny & Monique.
Welcome aboard guys. Gee I always wished my wife would have an interest in the hobby but alas I have to do all the sanding and finishing.....only kidding....kinda. Actual she's my biggest fan and support mechanism. Sounds like the two of you will make a complete shop hum. With your experience as a machinist you'll already have a mechanical approach to design which will be very helpful. Any pictures of the shop yet?
Welcome to the Router Forums Johnny & Monique.

I'd be interested in seeing some pictures of projects form both sides of your team. Some of them might give this old brain a kick start into the inspiration of some new projects.
G'day Johnny and Monique, welcome to the forum.
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