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Hello, i live in curacao, for the last 3,5 years, we started here a carrental company, and it was great, but then ofcours we know all corona is here, so we where force to stop with the carrental.
Lucky i have worked many years in the construction and did many things over the years.
So now i want to buy a new tablesaw, and the problem is, here on the island you dont have many choice to choce something, the best saw i could find is the makita , this one, Kooyman - Products.
Have some one here maybe experience with this sawtable, is he accurate, are there issues to know about it.
If some one can answer this for me , that would it make much easer for me馃槉

and i think this is realy a great site, so that we can learn from each other.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome. I suggest you add the model number for the saw. Then we can give you a better answer. Makita makes pretty good tools for the most part, but models, motors are different in different countries. Will you be using it for construction work only?
Hi, thank you, im want to use the saw for construction, and to make cabinets, the model that they have here is the 2407.

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Hi, all, ty for the responses, i want to say that i like other saws more then the makita they have here.
There are a few stores on the island, what sell a few professional tablesaws.
So the choice i have to make, is very limeted.
If i for example order a saw in the USA, the saw cst 50% more hten the origanol price.
So, if i want to get work back soon, i must buy the makita 2407.
And i also did, yesterday.
And men im very, very disapoted at makita.
I pay here for the saw ANG 1661,-, and it is even complet.
I did my resurce before i buy him.
I saw mofie from unpacking, from england, usa, th netherlands, ect, every country, has the saw complete, exeped at curacou, realy terrible.
Im missing the pieces you need from the guidens, and they didnt even put a duster adaptor in it, its realy a shame for a machine like this.
They know that curacao dont have saftyrules, so the safe money on there.

(Excuse me for my english, but im realy mad about makita)
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