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I'm new here.

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Hello everybody,

I'm new to the Router Forum and looking forword to learning more, I've been woodworking on and off for many years, I'm not good at woodworking except making sawdust. lately I have made routed signs for friends and family and sold a few signs, I got my insperation by watching Dave, Eric and Vicki Rhoden videos on YouTube, and talking to Eric a few times.

Before making signs I only use the router to round over edges, still learning.

That is all I have for now, I'm sure I will be asking many questions in the future.

Steven Cook
Fresno, Ca
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, kb9ork
Hey, Steven; welcome!
Hope you're safe in Fresno(?). Those Ca wildfires are mind boggling.
Hi Steven and welcome. We have a few sign makers on the forum. Most of us have made one or two I think. A few are doing them with CNCs now and they are understandably quite nice but Barb (Out of the Woodwork) still does them by hand and she does some really nice ones too.

When you get a minute please change N/A to read Steven in case you get out of the habit of signing your name at the end of your posts. We hate referring to people as N/a.
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Welcome to the forum Steven
Hi DaninVan

We are located almost the center of California, the air quality is poor most of the time the fires are not helping the air quality.

Welcome to the forum Steven.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome Steven
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